Lew W

Marc is the man!!! In a very busy real estate market (at least my perception from my efforts to purchase a condo). I repeatedly found places I liked only to find myself unable to reach the agent (or any agent for that matter) in a timely fashion. They’d eventually get back to me but the place I  was interested in would always be sold. This was not the case when I reached out to Marc! He not only answered his phone but after carefully listening to my situation, he adjusted his schedule to immediately make arrangements for us to look at the property I was interested in…no exaggeration – we met at the property within the hour! He arrived on time, organized and ready to go! I am not sure how he did it in such a short amount of time but he even took the time to identify another available property within the complex and arranged for us to go inside that unit as well. He told me about the neighborhood, offered excellent input and feedback as we looked at the two units, patiently listened as I shared my thoughts about making an offer and guided me to a focused decision on how best to approach making an offer of the unit (which we did)! The seller quickly countered and expressed that multiple offers were in. Marc was on it with a strategy that I didn’t even know existed. Our counter offer was successfully accepted and for a price significantly less than I was prepared to pay (thanks 100% to Marc and his expertise). I could go on but what for…it is obvious I am extremely happy with Marc a big fan of his service and skills and I’m energized for him to sell as many houses as he can!!! I hope you will do what I did and call him!